We are not endorsed by or supported by the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District.  Mountain biking is not recognized as a PIAA.  As a unaffiliated/composite team we can accommodate student athletes from any public or private schools in the area.   

The year over year growth of NICA leagues in other states that have join NICA prior to Pennsylvania has been extraordinary. Pennsylvania is on track for the largest inaugural year of any state in NICA history.  

Our Structure
To create a geographically cohesive team, we are primarily focused on 6th through 12th grade students that live in the general area of Tredyffrin and Easttown townships.  We also welcome to the team volunteer coaches from outside the townships with their children.

We hope to see mountain bike teams and the state wide racing league become a main stream club team process in all the schools in our area.  Our goal is to create a process that will allow all students to enjoy the sport, racing with us while the league matures.  Welcoming volunteer coaches from outside the TE area will give local mountain biking enthusiasts the opportunity to gain experience and take the process to their own districts over time.   History from other states show that school districts will want to become more involved in the sport and we want to help facilitate this any we can.