Parents and Others Ride Along

Parent involvement is essential for the success of our team. All bike ride practices require a low student to coach (parent) ratio to be successful.  An ideal practice has 2 parents to 6 students.  This allows a group of 40 kids to break up into 6-7 groups based on their fitness levels.  New riders can ride within their comfort and fitness level while faster riders can go out ahead of the others.  Both groups get a workout that allows them to advance their fitness.  Without parents to ride with all the fitness level groups, some athletes will not get to work out to their full potential.

NICA encourages coaches (parents) to train and ride alongside the student-athletes.   For those of you on the brink of sending kids away to college and adult life, this is a special time to share. Side by side parent and student athletic development is a unique experience to mountain bike teams and lifestyle-changing opportunity. We encourage every parent, regardless of experience level, to take full advantage of this opportunity.  Our Skills Training Sessions are for the entire team, this means when we are teaching specific mountain bike skills we encourage parents with bikes to participate and learn the lesson alongside the students.  This process will help us ensure more parents will be able to get involved as we grow over time. 

If you are not a rider there are many roles to supporting a cycling team and your contributions are highly valued and needed.  Parents help is critical in team travel and organization at each venue. Races have feed zones where athletes receive water nutrition from a limited number of parents.