TEMTB encourage every rider and coach to participate in local trail maintenace events.  To be a member of the TEMTB race team, riders must complete 6 hours of trail work prior to September 4th. 

If you attend a team wide trail event, we track riders a coaches hours for the event.  


See your 2018 Year to Date Hours Here:

TEMTB 2018 Trail Maintenance Google Doc


If you are doing trail maintence outside teamwide events, please use the below link to submit your hours.  There is no need to enter trail work for Trail work scheduled for the team... we use the attendance process for this and enter the time for you.  

Click This Link to Submit Trail Maintenance Hours (Outside Team Events)

Note: It takes roughly 15 minutes for new submissions to replicate to the list of rider hours.



Link: TEMTB Trail Maintenance - What do you need Document